Have you been searching through online florist's and flower stores for the bouquet you want with no luck? search no more!!, with our create your own bouquet you are free to make your perfect bouquet.

Simply pick the flowers you want choose how many of each flower you require and add to the cart.

When your happy with your chosen flowers head over to the checkout and follow the instructions. All your flowers will be arranged hand tied and wrapped in craft paper for protection while in transport, all bouquets are sent with wet cotton to keep them fresh while been delivered. 

rainbow roses.jpg

We only use the freshest flowers still in bud to ensure longer life when delivered. 

Flower food and care leaflet is provided with all orders.

Minimum order is 5 of each flower (5 stems).



Have you bought a bouquet of flowers recently off a online store and the picture looked amazing, full of flowers for £49.99 and you thought ill buy that, you wait excited for you flower delivery to arrive only to find upon arrival it literally contains 5 stems of flowers and the rest is greenery. What a disappointment right!! we created uk bouquets to eliminate that disappointment by allowing you to chose how many stems of flower and how much greenery goes into your bouquet, all of our flowers are sold with a 5 stem minimum. The price you see is for 1 stem, you chose if you want 5, 6, 7, 8, of each flower but you must order 5 minimum, i.e if you want roses you can buy 5+.


By ordering your flower delivery off uk bouquets you know exactly how many flowers are going to arrive in your bouquet no more disappointing flower deliveries!!!.


Your orders are arranged and wrapped in brown recyclable paper, sachet of food and a flower care leaflet is also provided.


We guarantee a minimum of 5 days freshness upon delivery and a 100 percent customer satisfaction. 

Welcome to the new way of ordering flowers - Welcome to UK bouquets.